there was no stigma?

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American Foundation of Counseling Services, Inc., (name changed from American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry in January of 1987), began in 1965 with a vision by George Kress and Norman Vincent Peale.

They envisioned a mental health clinic that would operate under three guiding principles:

  • Provide the highest quality care.
  • Integrate the mind, body and spirit into treatment.
  • Make services available to everyone.

50 years later those same principles still guide us.

George Kress – Founder of AFCS

Bellin Building

Celebrating 50 years

Celebrate the Decades 50th Anniversary event; Thursday, April 30, 2015

What If…we cared activities; on-going throughout year

50th Anniversary kick-off; held May 15, 2014

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you passed on your savings?

While waiting in line at Kohl’s on a busy day, a wonen asked the person in front of me if she wanted a $10.00 cash coupon that was expiring that day - that she wasn’t going to use.  The person receiving the coupon said "Thank you!" and noted that it made wating in line worth it.  A simple act - that made someones day!   

a simple act could help so much?

I was hurriedly trying to unload my grocery cart at Festival this weekend trying to keep up with the cashier....the lady who pulled in the lane behind me bent over and unloaded my milks onto the belt for me. I was amazed at how this simple act of kindness said so much. So thank you, I will help someone else next time!

someone paid for your lunch?

Three young soldiers having lunch - thanked them for their service, and they thanked ME for the support. (Gave the waitress a few "What If" cards to give them with their paid lunch bill.) :-)


you made someone smile?

Good afternoon mommies, just wanted to share a part of my day. So, I was shopping at Festival with my son and we were grabbing all our produce goodies, when a woman motioned for me to come to her. She handed me a bouquet of roses with money to pay for them. I must have looked confused. She said she "wanted to buy me flowers for being a mommy". I thanked her & gave her a big hug.

It was a very uplifting act. All of us need to thank each other for all our roles. I look forward to paying someone back with my act of gratitude.

Thank you, for adding to the smiles in my life.

you made someone’s Mother’s Day special?


My husband knows an 83 year old widow who rides the bus weekly to volunteer at Bellin Hospital.  She shared with him that she had no plans for Mother’s Day.  He changed the plans he had and took her out for brunch on Mother’s Day.





you donated something you no longer used?

Donating maternity clothes I no longer needed to House of Hope.

we all said Thank You?

Thanking our veterans is one way to show we care.  I was on a recent Honor Flight with a group of WWII and Korean War to Washington, D.C. to see the memorials built in their honor.  They received a much deserved "thank you for your service".  Take time to thank a veteran you know.   


you shared your winnings?

My husband, son and I were unloading our cart on a busy Sunday morning at our local grocery store. My kindergartener was chatting with the woman in line in front of us while she helped.  When the woman was done paying for her items, I noticed her bend down and whisper something to my daughter as she handed her what I thought was a dollar, and then turned to leave. I was speechless when I realized it was a hundred dollar bill.  "We can’t accept this, I said to the woman when I caught up to her." 

 "Please," she said, "take it. My husband and I won some money and we would like to help you."

 "Thank you," was all I could say as she turned and left.

 I am looking forward to helping someone else out the way this woman helped our family today.

your team was there for you?

My neice recently performed in her high school spring musical.  During the performance one of the lead performers forgot his lines.  There was just a brief pause and a fellow classmate/performer began singing from back stage until the main character remembered the lines (which only took a few seconds).  The audience didn’t even know what happened!  What a kind, thoughtful and quick thinking thing to do.  And..what teamwork!

we all cared?

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Margot Elliott, Vice President De Pere High School Student Council, started a new project entitled "We All Care". Members of student council cut out blue colored raindrops. All De Pere High School students were encouraged to write down someone they care about or who cares about them. The raindrops were then glued onto a big banner to create a large smiley face and read ... "Even on rainy days, there’s always a reason to smile". The purpose of this project was to emphasize the fact that everyone is an important part of someone’s life and even when things seem bleak, there is always a reason to move forward.

everyone was so caring and kind?

Hi! The other day, I was pushing my friend Kate in her wheelchair to my car. This lovely lady - Mary - stopped to ask if I needed any help (I must have looked as tired as I felt, ha ha). She then proceeded to put Kate’s wheelchair in my trunk for me! Thank you Mary!

someone saved you from getting a ticket?

I saw the "What If...someone put money in your meter" story below and thought I would make someone’s day also. 


someone stopped to help you?

I got home from work one Friday afternoon this winter and I got stuck in the driveway . It had snowed pretty heavily. Due to the angle of our house we usually get a lot more snow in our driveway than our neighbors do. My husband was gone on a trip. A man who happened to be walking his dog stopped and asked if I had a shovel. He parked his dog in my driveway and shoveled the entre driveway. It was a few weeks before Christmas and I remember thinking: “This is what Christmas is really about!”

you told somone they make a difference?

I called my mom back after having a long conversation with her just to tell her that I really like talking to her


someone made you dinner?

Chili & bread for our friends that just had a baby.


you volunteered your time?

Our staff took time to help an elderly apartment complex do some landscaping.  We first had to remove all of the stone – which was strenuous work, but well worth it.  It will be replaced with greenery and flowers  that the residents can enjoy viewing all summer.

someone put money in your meter?

I noticed someone’s parking meter had expired and put some money in to help them avoid a ticket.