Ethics in Business Awards - Nominations

Nominations are now closed

Awards Criteria

Each nominee should exemplify the minimum criteria listed below in addition to the specific criteria listed for each award:

  • Northeast Wisconsin (Brown County and adjacent counties) efforts or programs with a significant commitment to doing business in Brown County.
  • Innovation and creative approaches to ethics, either internal to the organization or externally focused
  • Evidence of ethical behavior toward others, including customers, employees, volunteers, community, and the natural environment

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Additional Criteria for Businesses

Business of any size with well-defined programs or efforts directed toward important social issues and/or demonstrating an awareness and effective implementation of a socially responsible approach to their business that goes beyond the expected or required.

  • Effective, innovative partnering with other businesses, non-profits, and government entities
  • Extent program and company values are integrated into the business's culture
  • Extent activity goes beyond what is required by law or industry standards

Additional Criteria for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations must have registered 501(c)(3) status. Organizations are considered for their effectiveness in carrying out their stated mission, standards of conduct, cooperation and coordination with other organizations and individuals, and treatment of staff and clients.

  • Fundraising integrity
  • Criteria for selection of recipients of services
  • Board composition, independence, stewardship, and governance
  • Effective, innovative partnering with other non-profits, businesses, and government entities

Additional Criteria for Individuals

Individuals of high moral character who demonstrate ethical practices exemplified by their treatment of others with care, respect, fairness, and accountability; who champion social responsibility; and who marshal resources and take innovative approaches.

  • Personal values
  • Programs championed
  • Extent of influence
  • Extent of resources marshaled

How are the winners determined?

The Ethics in Business Awards are not only a coveted prize for Northeast Wisconsin Businesses and Individuals, but they also serve as valuable learning tools for Enactus students at the University of Green Bay.

Students at the University play an instrumental role in the selection process of the honorees, making this awards program different from others. Enactus students are responsible for conducting research on the Ethics Awards finalists. Professor John R. Stoll, a co-founder of Enactus at UW-Green Bay, is the faculty advisor. Students conduct interviews on the company's practices with everyone from the CEO to line employees, as well as partners, suppliers and customers. Students also conduct secondary research through public records, computer data resources and media coverage. They then write a factual assessment and a personal evaluation of the nominee.

A panel of judges comprised of local business and civic leaders, base their final selections on the written reports of the Enactus students.