Ethics in Business Awards - 2016 Award Recipients

Not-for-Profit Recipient

New Community Shelter (finalists were: Aging & Disability Resource Center; Bellin Health; and Cerebral Palsy, Inc.)
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The New Community Shelter, established in 1994, serves the Green Bay community through addressing homelessness and hunger year-round. The organization takes great pride in acknowledging it was built by the community, and continues to be sustained by it.

Honesty is demonstrated in all aspects of the organizations’ operations. From transparency of records to annual audits, the organization openly expresses its mission and utilization of funds. An active board of directors and finance committee ensures accountability and transparency.

The New Community Shelter operates with the ultimate respect for others, including the shelter’s residents and employees. The shelter is the only emergency shelter in Brown County open year-round for homeless adult men and women without children. It is also the only shelter to provide preventative case management to anyone, regardless of age or whether or not a person has children. Community members have access to the facility and staff twenty-four hours each day.

Great importance is placed on offering any service needed for residents to become self-sustaining and empowered. To provide any services needed, New Community Shelter has partnered with many other organizations in the community and focuses on caring for others.

The New Community Shelter can be thought of as a tool chest of resources. Executive Director Terri Refsguard reminds us, “Never ever give up on anyone, even if they’ve given up on themselves, this is when they need you the most.”

Business Recipient

The Foth Companies (finalists were: Denmark State Bank; Hillcrest Homes; and Koehler Flooring, Inc.)
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Foth is an international Engineering and Science contractor whose headquarters is located in Green Bay, WI, with nearly half of its 600+ employees based at the headquarters. Founded in 1938 and continuing to be employee-owned, Foth Companies now includes: Foth & VanDyke, LLC; Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC; Foth Production Solutions, LLC; and Foth Canada Corporation.

The companies carry their tradition of personalized, client-centered service to a variety of government, industrial and commercial clients. A testament to their ethics and promise-keeping, more than 95% of their business each year is from repeat clients. They also have a 6% higher retention rate than their industry average, making it evident how much they care for their employees.

With a focus on safety, the companies have a commitment to excellence, performing work safely and always striving to design safety into their work. The Foth Companies continue to use science and engineering solutions to practice sustainability in their projects and practices. The integrity of their work and designs benefits clients long after projects have been finished.

The Foth Companies encourage employees to volunteer, committed to enhancing the communities in which their members live and work. Each year, the companies practice accountability in their volunteering by recognizing the most notable volunteer efforts of employees.

Ethics training is incorporated into the companies’ leadership development program, ensuring core values and the priority of “service above profit” are woven into all levels within the companies. As CEO Randy Homel says, Foth’s distinguishing factor is the willingness to do the right thing, even when it’s hard.

Individual Recipient

Denis Hogan (finalists were: Allan Jamir; Toni Loch; and Kathy Pletcher)
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Denis Hogan is a life-long resident of Green Bay, and the oldest of six in a family which has been involved in the community for many years. He dedicates himself to acting with integrity and fairness in all of his roles, including his role as Senior Vice President of Business Support and Information Technology at Bellin Health.

Previous to his position with Bellin Health, Denis was the Green Bay Market President at Associated Bank. In addition to his regular duties at Associated Bank, Denis took leadership in the bank’s oversight of community support and charitable activities in the region. The leadership he has displayed at Bellin Health and Associated Bank is not out of character for Denis, as he has been demonstrating his care for others in numerous charities within the community.

Dennis has co-chaired the Community Partnership for Children from its inception seven years ago, and helped raise $1.3 million from investors to assist at-risk families. As a board member, he has been heavily involved with Achieve Brown County, a multi-organizational effort to work across sectors and improve the safety, health and education of children. Denis also sits on the boards of Bellin Health, the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, and the United Way. Recently, the St. Patrick’s Food Pantry was operating in unsafe conditions. Denis worked collaboratively with Mark McMullen to lead a successful campaign, which ultimately lead to the relocation of the Pantry into a newer building.

Living and working with honesty, Denis has utilized his knack for building relationships to support numerous initiatives he feels strongly about, and has made an impact on many of our community’s needs.

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